Today's globe has actually gone astray, purity is limited. Sexualisation of culture and we've lost touch to our precepts. This rhyme intends to provide a solution. Offer me your ears. #MuslimLove The Anasheed in the Background by Ahmed Bukhatir
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This is my response/version of bball1989 video Sex, Marital relationship & Fairytales

Marital relationship today is having a hard time. Divorces, adultery, misunderstandings, etc are afflicting not only the marriage itself but items of those marital relationships (my generation and the following). My hope in this rhyme is to highlight the most constant and also bothersome problems marital relationships face today while likewise indicating Allah as the ultimate healer, redeemer, and also restorer of every marriage. Whether single or wedded, my intention would certainly be that this poem would certainly permit you to look even more deeply to Allah to either far be

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