PJ Masks Toy Hunt Surprise – Official Toys Unboxed

The boys obtain a shock while playing PJ Masks video-game:

– Catboy Hero Costume
– Owlette Hero Outfit
– Gekko Her Outfit
– Owlette Activity Figure
– Night Ninja Activity Figure
– Feline Kid Action Figure
– Gekko Action Number
– Luna Woman Activity Figure
– Antique Number Set
– Gekko Brighten Figure
– Owlette Illuminate Figure
– Pet cat Kid Illuminate Figure
– Cat-Car
– Owl Glider
– Gekko Mobile
– Gekko Plushie
– Owlette Plushie
– Cat-Boy Plushie

PJ Masks Light-Up Numbers – SRP $5.99 each
PJ Masks Duet Number Assortment – SRP $7.99 each
PJ Masks Antique Figure Set – SRP $12.99.
PJ Masks Lorry Variety – SRP $12.99 each.
PJ Masks Deluxe Lorry Array – SRP $19.99.

PJ Masks Headquarters Playset – SRP $69.99.

PJ Masks Sing as well as Talk Plush- SRP $19.99.
PJ Masks Mini Plush – SRP $7.99 each.

PJ Masks Hero Dress-Up Selection – SRP $19.99 each.
PJ Masks Personality Mask Variety – SRP $9.99 each.

Simply Play offered the toys for this video c

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